I've never really been any good about writing about me pages, on any of the sites I've tried to play around with over the years, yet all of them were born out of my passion for everything I've been interested in.

But now I'm in university. And I think I should have had a proper website going, something to keep myself self-motivated and to properly share my findings, my interests and honestly my life. And maths is my life right now, honestly.

What I share, not necessarily accounting for the friends and other people who may contribute here, will be in line with my knowledge at the moment. The rigourousness of my posts limited by my limited knowledge in mathematics as a whole. Consequently, as I learn more, one would expect my content to grow with me. And that's the aim of this, alongside just having fun :).

Some of it will be nonsensical! I don't mind nonsensical (for as long as I'm not completely wrong).

And in future, maybe the content will be collaborative. I've certainly had some people help me already :). Though, I must say, the idea of making this site now isn't my own - I'd like to thank Burkard Polster for (albeit jokingly) suggesting I start up a blog with some piecewise stuff. "The piecewise blog" hahaha. We'll see how this goes, professor!

I hope some of you will join me as I make my way through several crazy worlds in maths and reality and grow along the way.